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How many of you REMEMBER your parents doing the WALTZ Clog??? -----Read the following!

I received the following from Pat Brown (Pam Brown McKinnon's Mom) August 2010...Most of you from the earlier days did the Waltz Clog in the "Canadian Dance Ring Competition". Remember the parents joining in  to compete.

I remember the dancing years well.  Pam started with Allan when she was 3 years old, just turning 4.  I put her in dance hoping to find some grace in my child, who was very clumsy.  Allan found and developed that grace.  for the next 13 years.  Pam danced.for Allan and loved every minute.  She made some wonderful friends , the Westins, Joy, Robbie and Patti, Sherry Johnson and Sean Cheesman were a few.  Pam became a graceful young woman under Allan's tutelage and attained goals that had seemed unattainable.  Pam, I'm sure, would have liked to continue dance but unfortunately received a back injury at 16 and the doctor's said "NO MORE"!  I remember full well the "Waltz Clog Caper".  Every year our children would do the required dances for the Canadian Dance Ring.  I had said to Allan that I would bet even, the mother's would be able to dance the Waltz Clog, We had seen our children practice and perform that dance so many times.  So Allan decided to challenge the parents and I think myself in particular. and had the Waltz Clog competition dance for the parents.  I had to enter didn't I.???and wouldn't you know, the adjudicator's awarded me first place.  What an honor.  I still have that trophy Allan.  I'd never part with it.  The dance years aren't just great memories for the students of Allan Cozzubbo but for the parents of those students.  We would bend over backwards to meet the standards Allan set, hauling the kids to extra lessons for quite awhile before the June Alberta Dance Festival in Edmonton.  The rewards, and how, memories, for all the time spent with "Dance" are great.  God Bless Allan.  We still think of you often...Pat Brown.

The Card below is from Kim Hall-Bent...Thanks Kim for my memories of having you at the studio.  You are a beautiful example of the wonderful time I had teaching and getting to know all the students who were enrolled at the ACAD.  The lessons of life in the Dance World that  we all experienced, have quided us through our life today!   Thank you, and to all of the Dancers/Danseurs.  (Kim chose pictures and came up with the grouping below).

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 As the studio officially closed in 1997, past testimonials and comments can be sent to the following.

The Academy's Crest

This was designed by Dianne Ranshaw Richards.(A student and then a Teacher)  Remember, we had a contest for students to enter their designs- and Dianne's won!--Current Information of Dianne is on the Staff Alumni Page.



Tara Rockey Fawcett above left is on facebook  I think of you very often as Mrs. Black since I am entering my 22 years of teaching.  My students know your name as you were a very positive and influential teacher and motivator in my life.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great motivator rand I even say when the class ends "Look After Your Bodies"!  Tara had an awesome dance spirit that was so obvious from the beginning.  Her charisma is well known to the ACAD Alumni. 

Dawn Ewonus sent in..We (the whole family) have all been enjoying looking at the great photos and remembering the fun we had! Your studio was such a huge (and Happy) part of our lives!.  Thank you so much for all that you did!  Your wonderful dance academy produced talented, graceful and strong individuals, who became self-assured and confident adults.  Thak you so much.  I enjoyed every class, every wonderful teacher you introduced us to, every fabulous number we did. and most of all the person I became because of your wonderful training.--I just wanted you to know how much  you are appreciated. 

 Cinzia Torriero Eremita  with her daughter Ella (age 6 years)....My Time at ACAD was a time of learning, great focus and fun!  After Dancing at "Cozzubbo's" for 10 years, I went on to complete a 'Business Degree" at the U.of C.(withe many Dance Options) and then finally went to England for one year to receive my RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) teaching diploma. (Thank you ti Miss Nielsen, and Mrs. Abra for passing on your love for Ballet)!  I have owned my own studio in Calgary for 10 years and have always strived  to run it in the professional manner in which ACAD was run.  What will I remember --the teachers and their praise-and of course the "Productions"!!--Take Care and enjoy your retirement.  What a Whirlwind it must have been!----Cinzia was a very technical dancer and showed a very rich connection with her own love of Dance.  Her Students are indeed lucky to walk through the doors of her studio "Dance Explosions Inc" (September 2010)


 Trish DeCoverley

(Trish) Patti Westin DeCoverley: (see "In Memory Of" sadly passed March 2011)) above -Mr. C. wasn't just her teacher, he was more like an uncle who was also one of her best friends.  He was a mentor to her.  Trish also felt that Debbie black and Carol  Nielsen were very inflential people for her, and the studio.  Patti now runs "Divine dance Studio": Trish centre with her pupils.

Joy Westin Mcllwain; Where do you begin to thank someone who has done so much for so many?  The dance studio was almost like a second family, the friendships and security was such a big impact on all of us and has influenced a lot of who we are today.  Even now when we run into someone from "Cozzubbo's" there is an instant bond, and it is so exciting to see this growing into this next generation.  When my students now say how special their dance friends are and how different they are from school or other places, I know how they feel.  thank you Mr. Cozzubbo for the special place you hold in our hearts and for all you gave to us! Joy Westin Mcllwain above right and her daughter Danielle left. Joy now operates "Joys School of Dancing".

Cheryl Flewelling:   & her family above...I owe everything to you.  You were always so kind and patient with everyone, not just the superstars, and I hope I took that with me when I started out on my own. Cheryl below with her son. Cheryl now operates "Dynamic Dance Studio". Cheryl and her son above.


 Sean Cheeseman : Ok everybody...this man is my first dance teacher and I owe him so much...I bow down to the legend that is Mr. Cozzubbo. Sean has had a very successful dance career and is now seen on "So You Think You Can Dance" as a choreographer/judge. Sean above.

Torrie Paul Turner: I can't express how grateful I am for all of those happy classes and years at the studio, and the discipline and life skills they taught me. (Full comments on the Data Page)Torrie above with her husband.

Diana Broderick: above-- Thank You for the memories!!  Those days dancing, were some of my best memories growing up. 

Kimberly Field:  Kim has two Dance Studios in Virginia USA, and says she has used so much of what we taught her at the Academy.  In her schools, she also has set up an "Interschool Competition" which she calls "STARZ"!  Above is Kim with her son Tyler taken Nov. 2009.


Lindsay Fuleki:  Lindsay made many great friends with fellow dancers as well as teachers!! Will never forget the teaching talent from the greats...Debbie Black, Kyla Wilde, Carol Nielson, Patti Westin, Cheryl Flewelling, Mrs Abra, and of Course Mr. C. !! Cozzubbo's was truly a 2nd home to me. Lindsay pictured above

 Shanda Comben Aalbers: "You have no idea how often I think of you and how much you taught me over the years.  I really try to pass the loving care on to my students, the way you did to me.  Thank you again for everything"! Shanda now teaches in various schools through out CENTRAL ALBERTA. Shanda  is Pictured Above

Lisa Kingston

 Lisa Allison Kingston:  What a wonderful tribute and tool , to fondly remember what a wonderful and substantial impact you had on so many lives.  It is beautiful!  Thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful piece for all of us to visit. Lisa Above. 

I couldn't resist posting the picture above.  Patti (Trish), Rob and Joy Westin. (Patti & Rob have passed on "See In Memory Of") It's a good testimonial of how the "Talent of the Westin's" carried through the family.   


Dana O'Neil Birch above- I feel blessed to have been able to do what I love, and have so many amazing teachers.  Seeing all the pictures as brought it all flooding back.



Sherry Eckman Keister:  above with her 4 daughters.. I am constantly telling my girls about you and Mrs Abra, and all the performance techniques, tips and discipline that come with Dance!  Everything I learned in my time with you has been very valuable in what I am doing with my girls today.  Thank You!   Sherry and her girls above-Stampede time they did approx. 45 gigs.(July 2010)


Deanne Schmierer:    above with her husband Dale--There are so many amazing memories of dancing with Allan Cozzubbo.  Allan is an amazing teacher and choreographer.  Dancing was a huge part of my life and enjoyed every minute of it!  I was fortunate enough to be in many productions from "An Evening of Ballet" to our large productions like "Cat's", "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", "Clowns" and so many more.  Dancing definitely taught me grace and coordination along with discipline and time management.  I encourage many young people to have something this wonderful in their life.  I guess I had the genes as Allan and I our cousins along with my talented cousin Lillian Cozzubbo Coulson.  I am also happy to report that I am now celebrating my 12th Year (2010) of my kidney transplant!..Thanks Allan for such support and the best years ever! 

 Nathalie Burns   is on facebook.  Some of the fondest memories I have of my dance career were with Mr. C. from the early days of "Good Toes Naughty Toes" to my first performance on the stage at 4 years old.(Dolly's wash day)Interschool competitions , Production, Wild Rose and Edmonton Dance Competitions.  The studio was like an extended family.  I will never forget the smiles and greetings we would always receive as we descended the stairs at the Heritage Dance studio for a long (but Wonderful ) day of rehearsals!  I cannot thank Mr. C. enough for the training and love I received at ACAD. (Nathalie is now a C.A.) Nathalie above.



Dana (Harvey) Leslie is on facebook. Thanks for posting the website.  I have thoroughly enjoyed "Twirling" my way down memory lane.  I am grateful to have had you, and many of your staff as wonderful teachers in my lifetime.

The 3 pictures above are Laurel Burnett

Thank You Mr. C
I cherish the memories of ACAD - this is where it ALL began for this girl. My life has been filled with dance , theatre, Arts , travel and song - because of the passion you shared with me.
Eternally Grateful,
My Best,
Laurel Burnett


Karen Bradfield Humphrey above with her girls is on facebook.So sorry to have missed this past weekend. (June 26 ACAD reunion) I think of you often and I am so glad to hear from Cheryl Flewelling (sister) you are well!  I am sure you hear this often but since I am still in the Dancing business, I owe much of my success to you ..God Bless!----Karen has a studio in Airdrie.

 Merle and Greg Ewonus at their 50th wedding anniversary. (parents of Jake, Dawn and Leslae)..I cannot possibly tell you how very much I have been enjoying the website.  It is really wonderfu to go back and renew acquaintances via the site and to remember so many old friends.  Being involved in the Cozzubbo Academy took up a large portion of our young lives and it was like having this large loving fun family that we connected with every week and then showed off our expertise at exciting wonderful competitions.  I have many times told friends and family that I credit the Academy with giving our three children confidence, dignity and great self assurance to be in front of any crowd anywhere and feel totally comforable if called upon fto speak or lead in anyway .  In other words, it made confident leaders out of all three.  For all of that I thank you most sincerely.

The following was received September 19th 2010.

This is a testimonial from Mr. and Mrs H. Allard (Herb & Heath) whose daughter Julie took dance--- and they took Ballroom classes. Is it 45 years ago that Julie was at Tuxedo early childhood classes.  Over forty for Heath and I as you will say it..YMCA-YWCA-Garage...The place is not important --just your skill with students and groups and your personal exciting dance was what counted.  You gave us confidence to make friends on and off the dance floor,  You gave us the joy of "Going Out" to dance-to feel really alive and confident--remember the Legion, Penleys, Thorncliffe Hall.  Why did it have to end? Old Age?  No inspiring teacher-leader?  We loved the joy of motion to the mundane of mowing lawns, fencing and the laundry, and saving for old age.

All that is left is the love it brought to many many couples and fond memories-and your friendship.

Mrs. Allard's maiden name was Peinter and my cousin Lillian Cozzubbo Coulson, who I started my dance training with took Violin lessons from Heath's mother.  Heath's dad had owned the ISIS theatre. 

As I mentioned elsewhere, I worked with Counterpoint Dance Academy (Gillian Howatt)part time from 2004 to 2007 with a ballet, pointe and a partnering class.  Early in October of 2010 a nice email from Darelle Castonquay (Amy's Mother)was received about how Dance interconnects the dance community.  That is so TRUE--thank you Darelle for the other kind words.

Andrea Petty Bates on Set Photo..letter below...Now in the 

 "Performing Arts Industry"

letter received from Andrea Petty Bates..October 2020--

Dear Allan,

Over the years, I’ve often reflected on the fun times at your dance academy in the late 60’s through early 70’s!I was NEVER the best dancer but managed to hold my own, and later enjoyed a long career in New York performing in, primarily, national tours of the Broadway shows.Perhaps you recall in the mid 80’s our accidental bump-into each other in Calgary at the Chinook mall. I was in town with Robert Goulet for the South Pacific Tour.  We were crisscrossing Canada, and it was an incredible coincidence to run into you. That tour lasted 2 years, ending in ’89, and was the last tour I did.  I was fortunate to continue my creative ventures in many capacities even to today, doing voice over work and the occasion bit part in a film or commercial.

 A special and particular dance memory is from the MAME tap number. You placed me, NOT the best dancer, and put me in the center of the V formation with Darrel and Duncan on either side.  I knew the middle of the “V” was important, and it gave me encouragement that perhaps I had a little something anyway.  Thank you all these years later!

 Michelle Geisler was in most of my classes and I thought she was, by far, the best!

Thanks also, to whomever created your alumni page where your email is posted. You likely receive many emails from kids such as me, whom you understandably wouldn’t remember!

 Attached are a couple of memories ~       Program that I, as a child, underlined the numbers I was in.·         Photo of Darrel and Duncan: I’m back row 2nd from left·         Varsity Drag…I’m behind front dancer…·         Recent on-set photo…always laugh that I typically get cast as WOMAN! ..See news for 2020 for photos..

With all the dancing I did, have LITERALLY NO good photos but my memories are clear…dancing was wonderful.  And so are my memories of you. You were wonderful!

Thank you!   Best,     Andrea Petty Bates

Tory Doctor above in one of his many roles."I look to you as one of three mentors in my growing process as a performer.  Without your patience and those of your teachers, I would not be as successful as I am today.  I have recently started teaching acting to both actors young and old in my attempt to "pay it forward".  You will always be an inspiration to me and I look forward to the chance to thank you in person and not just in passing. (see Alumni Data)


Jane Southwood Lizotte has looked at the Website.---- I remember how Mr. C. used to throw his drumsticks at the feet if someone messed up the steps in tap class!  I remember being sent out to the hall to practice a few times too!  I certainly remember thanking Mr. Gilbert at the end of every exam I took!  I will look through my many pictures and see if I have some good ones to send along to you.  Until then, thank you for the memories and for bringing those memories back to us on the site.  Jane is now a teacher in a high school .  English and Drama and so she is now able to continue "stage" work incorporating dance into some of her musical productions.  I think I was with you for 21 years. (Jane was also on Student Reception).


Tasha Lawson has made her mark in Dance.  She did a BFA at SFU and moved to New York to study with Tap Masters.  "I love what I do as an artist, and feel very blessed, and am grateful for my early beginnings with you"! She is now employed with "Cirque du Soleil" as an "Assistant Artistic Director" for a touring show called Kooza.  She has joined the tour in Miami and will be re-locating to Tokyo, Japan.  Tasha was always innovative and had a unique quality to her performances.



Michele Palmer Spring: Centre --The drive for perfection, detail and style--was taught to me by you! Thank you for everything!  You are an amazing Man! I always wanted to be the Best Like YOU!  You not only inspired me...you created me!  Michele above and she still Teaches Dance!

Shirley Nielsen Wayte (Carol Nielsen's sister) currently lives in Langdon with her husband and son (both of whom unfortunately have two left feet) and although I haven't danced in many years the memories I have of my time in dance are very precious to me.  I credit Allan Cozzubbo and my years in dancing with instilling my work ethics and my drive to complete whatever I start.  Thank you so much Allan!  Some of my fondest memories are of dancing side by side with Barbara Nardei.  Invariable we would take one look at each other and burst into giggles.  I run into Cindy Anderson Tymko occasionally and I'm thrilled to see her even though it's usually for a very brief period.  To keep busy outside of work I'm very active with cardio-kick boxing classes (one of which I lead) three times per week as well as circuit strength training twice per week.


Cheryl Knudson Jasmine remembers the "On With The Show Production" that won 2nd place at the ADEA Festival with a mark of 96 %.  She is now a dancing Mom and says "Thanks for the Great Memories" Cheryl above. 

 Kristell Haeberle Court:  Remembers the training she received and the staff Miss Black, Miss Nielsen, Miss Allison, Miss Flewelling, Mrs Abra and Mr. Togni. She said it took a few years before she took from Mr. C. and realized what a kind hearted man he was..Thank you for all you have done for the world of Dance.  Kristell above with her son Justin.

  Trudy Barlage Lewis: Lisa and I talk (Lisa is Trudy's sister) about our Cozzubbo training and share our memories all the time.  I was so fortunate to have been so well trained by you, Mr. C. and all the wonderful teachers that you had.  It forever changed my life and I am so grateful that you  "discovered" me as a teen jazz dancer with an absolute passion for the art. This is still there to this day! Trudy still teaches.  Trudy above.


 Eileen Schick Shegelman: (see Alumni Data) I had so many amazing friendships from your dance academy and I still keep in touch with so many of them still---20 Years later, --thank you for everything. Dance was such a big part of my childhood,- teenage years and all the way into my adulthood.  Even Now, every Friday night my husband kids and I have a "Friday Night Dance Party" We love it and I can bust out the moves from my youth...they laugh so hard! Eileen  above with her daughter Olivia (8 Years) and son Joshua (5 Years) August 2010.

Kira Greasley: My fondest memories were built at Cozzubbo's.  The training I received from you and your staff was of the utmost in excellence and I firmly believer it aided me in being the teacher I am today.  Kira feels fortunate to have formed a special bond with Carol Nielsen (see "In Memory of") and to have had her as a mentor and friend.  Even today Debbie Black and I get together often for coffee and chats. Thank you for all you did for the Dancing Community and myself. 


Bethia Jolly-Steele:   I may not have finished my training with you, but have always had fond memories of my time with you and the whole ACAD studio.  I am just about to wrap up my 6th year of my own studio, so am still loving dance as much as I did thenBethia has a Ballet Diploma from the National Ballet School (class of 1995). Bethia above in her youth in her Tutu costume.


Tara Young: I am thankful for the environment that  Mr. C. created in his studio.  It was my home away from home...I will forever be grateful to him. I am still working on Broadway and living in New York City. Tara has now worked on Broadway for over 20 years. See Alumni Data page for complete message from Tara.   Lisa was "Miss Showbiz"! And I'm sure still is!

Nadene Henderson: wrote- I want to tell you that I enjoyed everything about my dance experience at the studio.  I think you and your staff did a fantastic job training everyone, especially evident, by how many went out and did so well in the dance world! Nadene above to the right of the picture and her sister Deanna Henderson who also danced with the Academy! Both girls had strong singing potential, as well as dance. Deanna had strong pipes.


Lisa Talbot:  All of the experiences from the Academy were instrumental in helping me develop a career and I have been teaching dance part-time for the past 17 years. Thank you so very much for putting together such a fantastic website...it's such a trip down memory lane and so great to reconnect with other dancing friends from the past!--Lisa Above



Lisa Horvath Svecla:  I love you lots, and thank you for always being an inspiration and teaching me all that you did....You have formed my career and I really do love your for that!  Lisa now operates "Premiere Dance Academy". Lisa Above --Lisa had the "Spirit of Dance" in her soul!-She did some wonderful routines with a lot of charisma and has an irresistible charm to her very warm personality both on and off stage!



Lysia Dawn Smandych.  says--- You had a positive influence on so many lives.  Both in dance and "You Can Do Anything". Thank you!  Lysia sang "Sisters"from the colour purple production very well...and "Be A Performer"as a solo song and dance. Lysia above had great pipes!..back row 3rd in

----When we heard of the passing of Trish DeCoverley, (Patti Westin) Lysia sent me the following kind words. "Even in this sad time we must remember to connect with those who we care about and have made an impact on our lives.  You are that person to Me!  I am glad you were born, and I hope you take time today to celebrate your birthday! with love Lysia"...(sent around my birthday in March)


Gillian Coote Yuan above with her husband Howard. I have been looking through the website and have so many wonderful memories.  I did try an Adult Ballet Class but it just wasn't the same. (Gillian was a strong dancer with a confident style).


Cindy Anderson Tymko:  Who knew at age 4 dance would end up being my career for life.  I was just too young for Kindergarten so Mom thought she would send me to ballet for $5.00 per month and then the next year we skipped Kindergarten and added Jazz and Tap for another $10.00 a month.  It was outrageous back then to spend that on one child with five more siblings who didn't get to take anything.  Seven Years late I ended up dancing with the very best studio in Calgary, the "Allan Cozzubbo Academy of Dancing" where we had attended all the year end shows in years previous and I had envied the girls and one boy in the "Big" productions and wanted so bad to be part of them.  My favorite memories of dance from those days are giggling with Shirley Nielsen and the rest of the girlfriends between class breaks and how inspiring Miss Debbie Black was in my private lessons.  My family and Dance has made my life complete!  I am truly blessed. Complete comments are on Student Data Page.. Cindy now teaches Country, Swing and Ballroom Couples and has her own Dance Company "Rhythms Of Dance". Cindy above with Ian Price.

 Susan Nash:  I have been in touch with Susan by email and she will send us some photos.  Her thoughts as follows"  I have fond memories of the Allan Cozzubbo Academy of Dancing and all the friends I met.  You were an amazing instructor who certainly "molded" me to who I am today!  Dance is still very much a part of my life!