Dance Numbers entered in the Production 

Category for the 

ADEA Festival and the WRDAA Festival


Meco.."Wizard of Oz"--Lorena Apuzzo was the Wicked Witch

"Show Biz"...Clowns on parade!


"Colour Purple--tribute to Whoopi Goldberg"

"Minstrel Show"Alan Craik was Mr. Interlocutor

Tribute to Elvis--The King--Sean Cheesman and Brian Craik were the guys

"Happy Birthday Alberta"..1905 to 1980 also performed at the Exhibition Grounds 

to Celebrate the 75th birthday

"Stripes"..Criminal Minds 



"The Big Apple"...tribute to New York and the Rockettes

"Mr. Elegance"...A Tribute to Fred Astaire

Ravel "Bolero" 

"Elliot...Cats"...Debbie Black was Deuteronomy


"Disco Show"

"People"..Joy Westin McIIwain and Cheryl Flewelling did lyrical to People

"Happy Birthday Calgary"....A tribute to Calgary's 100th..1875 to 1975...Centenary. the adjudicator Sadie Simpson (BATD Examiner) gave us 100% at the ADEA Festival