"ACAD Dance Reunion"

June 26th 2011

Held at Lisa Horvath Svecla's studio Premiere Dance Academy.

Note: Lysia Smandych and Tracy Cumberbatch were there but my camera went dead & probably others! 

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 left to right...Tracy Rice-Trayhorn--Cheryl Flewelling--Nadene Henderson

 Dru Kolodinsky (Drosilda an Estonian Name)--Jane Southwood Lizotte--Carol Ann Schmierer--Deanne Schmierer

SVECLA Family...Lisa Horvath Svecla...Todd Svecla on the end...and their daughters. 

Debbie Black --Shanda Comben Aalbers at the door and Todd Svecla 

Bea Horvath--Lisa Horvath Svecla--Penny Trayhorn--Sharon Edwards-Lozinski 

 Allan Cozzubbo--Jonathon Thiessen--Shirley Doncaster

 Mrs. Doyle--Carol Ann Schmierer--Deanne Schmierer--Colleen Doyle--Jane Southwood Lizotte--Lisa Horvath

Shanda Comben Aalbers--Jonathon Thiessen 

 Shirely Nielsen Wayte--Debbie Black--Dorothy Shamon (Kori & Sherry's Mom)--Shanda Aalbers (Calla Comben Shaw's sister)

 Pat Westin (Patti and Joy's Mother) talking to Dru Kolodinsky

(Carol Kolodinsky Larsen's mom).

Debbie Black and her daughter Crystal Dawn Thomson-Dick-- with Crystal's daughter Emerson... 

 Crystal Dawn Thomson-Dick--Debbie Black with her grandchld Emerson--Allan  Cozzubbo

 Chelsea Vosburg--Linda McTighe Pap and Allan Cozzubbo with Cole Vosburg in front---Vosburg children are Linda's grandchldren ( Margaret Cozzubbo McTighe's daughter)

 Lisa Allyson Kingston with yellow T...Lorena with her hand to her mouth and Mrs Doyle in the print to the right.

 Allan Cozzubbo--David Adie--Debbie Black

Samara Nowlin--Debbie Black with Emerson--Sandy Shack Nowlin and Crystal Thomson (Emerson is Debbie's grandchild)

 Sharon Edwards Lozinski  with her daugher Taylor

 Marlene Sorensen (Laura and Trudy's Mother..(Trudy see "In Memory Of"). Laura's Daughter dances with Cinzia at Dance Explosions.

Jennifer Newsome with Lynette Fry-Abra 

 Colleen Doyle right with her mom Mrs Doyle

Melanie Pap Vosburg with Linda Marie McTighe Pap and Cole Vosburg and Chelse Vosburg 

 Sandy Shack Nowlin..Debbie Black..Jane Southwood Lizotte..Samara Nowlin.

Shanda in the back centre--Cole Vosburg with his grandma Linda Marie McTighe Pap.(Margaret Cozzubbo McTighe's daughter)

Nadine Henderson...Lorena Apuzzo's back and the gent is Ken Dohan Lorena's husband...Mrs Abra to his right..striped slacks

Dawna-Rose Crooks Wetherell...Penny Trayhorn--Tracy Rice Trayhorn with Dawna-Rose's baby. 

Shirley Nielsen Wayte--Jean Nielsen (mother of Carol-Donna and Shirley) 

Sharon Edwards Lozinski..Dru Kolodinsky--Carol Kolodinsky Larsen and daughter Nicole (age 12-who dances with Mrs Abra). 

 Marlene Sorensen--Maxine Kulchyski--Jean Nielsen

 Debbie Black--Cheryl Flewelling


Shirley Doncaster (Jonathon's Grandmother) Jonathon Thiessen 

 Debbie Black--Dianna Broderick--Dianna's Mother Mrs. Broderick


centre ...Lisa Horvath--Shirley Doncaster 

Shanda Comben Aalbers--Lynette Fry-Abra--Debbie Black--Jennifer Newsome 

 Shanda Comben Aalbers--Deanna Henderson--Nadine Henderson--Donna Henderson--Debbie Black

 Lisa Talbot--Allan Cozzubbo--Jennifer Newsome

 Debbie Black with Emerson and her daughter Crystal Dawn Thomson-Dick and Allan Cozzubbo in the back

Kori Shamon with her son---(Sherry's sister) Kori's son and daughter are with "Young Canadians" Wyatt Kenny with her.

 Lorena Apuzzo Dohan & Husband Ken with her family.

 Kellie McQuiggan  with Carol Kolodinsky Larsen

David Adie with Allan Cozzubbo 


 Sherry Ekman-Keister & daughters Faith-Paige-Claire and Quin

Shanda Comben Aalbers with her Mom Maxinne Kulchyski 

 Lisa-Marie Richardson-Senn with her daugher

 Lisa Horvath's dad Bill with Marlene Sorensen

 Lisa Horvath Svecla with Joy Westin Mcllwain (Patti--Trish DeCoverley's sister)

Jane Southwood Lizotte..Shirley Nielsen Wayte..Carol Ann Schmierer.