Kristine Richmond is the centre gal.... Lisa Martin Fried to the left and Tamiko Lagerwaard right.(This is from the Meco (Oz) Production).

Lynette Fry-Abra and Allan Jerry Cozzubbo perform at the Vienna Ball 

In the later years prior to closing we used the logo above! 

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 Cats (left)...We Called the production "Eliots" to acknowledge T.S. Eliots 14 splendid & ingenious poems that were put to music by Andrew Lloyd Weber --In the very Memorable project of the musical "Cats", some of the unpublished works of Elliot's were used as well but most from "Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats".  Wonderful music and lyrics!  Left Picture is  Kira Greasley in the leopard unitard and Cindy Greasley in the lighter colour unitard..John Cox from "About Face" did a Makeup lesson & rehearsal with the parents committee. 

 The Shoemaker and the elfs....the picture above is from a number that Carol Nielsen choreographed for the Calgary Dance Workshop.  The number was performed at the theatre in Lord Beaverbrook High School