These are pictures of a Dance Reunion that Lianne Smith (thank you Lianne) organized at the Calgary Zoo banquet room in 2005.  If you can add information or additional photos please send to or

 Back Row, left to right: Maxine Kulchyski (Shanda and Calla Comben's Mother)--Shanda Comben Aalbers--Adele Odagaki Hammer--Susan Nash--Allan Cozzubbo--Carol Nielsen--Joy Westin Mcllwain--Dru Kolodinski (Carol Kolodinsky's Mother)--Calla Comben Shaw--Dawn Odagaki Robertson--Debbie Black--middle row..Donna Henderson (Deanna, Nadine and Annette's Mother)--Deanna Henderson--Nadine Henderson--Lorena Apuzzo Dohan--Russell Doig (just behind Sean with glasses)--go to the end is Angela Apuzzo with the baby (Lorena's Mother and baby)--front row: JP Ewonus--Leslae Ewonus--Dawn Ewonus--Pamela Evans--Carol Kolodinsky Larsen--Sean Cheesman--Trish (Patti) Westin DeCoverley--Shirley Nielsen Wayte (Carol Nielsen's sister)--Barbara Nardei--Lianne Smith

left to right; Sean Cheesman--Lianne Smith--Allan Cozzubbo 2005

 Dawn Odagaki Robertson--Sean Cheesman--Adele Odagaki Hammer--2005

 JP Ewonus--Shanda Comben Aalbers--Allan Cozzubbo--Debbie Black--Carol Nielsen--2005

 JP Ewonus--Dawn Ewonus--Sean Cheesman--Adele Odagaki Hammer--Joy Westin Mcllwain--Trish (Patti) Westin DeCoverley--2005

Sean Cheesman--2005

 Sean Cheesman--Allan Cozzubbo--2005

 Susan Nash--Carol Kolodinsky Larsen--2005

 JP Ewonus--Dawn Ewonus--Leslae Ewonus--2005