There is an abundance of "GREAT LOVE" all around--Open your HANDS--Stretch Your ARMS OUT--REACH FOR IT--TAP THOSE FEET- and experience the JOY OF LIVING

Prior to the opening of the Academy, I worked on a regular basis teaching in the communities,(Westgate, Thorncliffe, Lynnwood, Haysboro, Kingsland etc.)  I also taught "Ballroom Dance" , first for "Delmar Dance Studios" ( Owners were Oonagh Young and Frank McNerney -very strong Mentors in Ballroom & they were former Arthur Murray Managers from Florida.) and I then branched out teaching Ballroom at the YMCA, YWCA, Winter Club etc. At the same time I started to teach group classes in people's "Rumpus Rooms", arriving at their door with a portable record player and a stack of 45 records tucked under my arm.  It was a regular occurrence to teach my Tap, Jazz, and Ballet classes and then end the evening teaching in someones home.  The Adults flourished on learning the Cha Cha, Rumba, and the Tango along with the Waltz, Foxtrot and Jive. I'm sure the adults to this day remember me saying...among other "Dance Calls"...Slow-Slow Tan-go-Close. or T-A-NGO--one two CHA CHA CHA. There were usually 5 to 6 couples in the "Home Lessons"and it was evident right from the start the excitement and enthusiasm the adults had as they were nurtured along each week.

On the Student Alumni Page I made mention of Terri Shouldice, (now Rieb) and teaching at their home in Lakeview.  I can remember teaching Julie Allard's parents (Heath and Herb) and Debbie Black's parents (Mary and Bruce) at the YWCA Ballroom classes.  Actually that era in my life was very enjoyable and rewarding. Hopefully for the adults that participated as well. I could name many of the parents whose children took dance, that also participated in the ballroom classes cultivating my desire to teach!

Starting my dance training from my cousin Lillian Cozzubbo Coulson (Our Dad's were brothers Agatino and Marino )when I was young, and subsequently continuing with training from Dr. Ruth Carse (founder of the Alberta Ballet), Robert Joffrey, Mario Masterionni, Leon Danielion, Luigi, Matt Mattox, Phil Black, Pat Rico, Al Gilbert , Oonagh and Frank McNerney, Tom Lane etc. ( my cousin Lillian, got me my first job teaching at Meadowlark Park for the City Rec. Department.) The training to be a male danseur or teacher became my target and ambition. The list of people I pulled knowledge from was endless but I did have special mentors that kept me focused. Teacher Dance Conventions, became a regular part of my own training, and I thrived on passing the knowledge on to the Cozzubbo Academy.

I had joined several teacher's organizations including:  Alberta Professional Dance Teachers Association (APDTA)-Alberta Tap Dance Association(ATDA)-Professional Dance Teachers Association Inc(PDTA)-Alberta Dance Educators Association(Now a Life Member ADEA)-Canadian Dance Ring(CDR)-Canada Dance Teachers Association(CDTA)-Wild Rose Dance Arts Association(Now a Life Member-WRDAA)-Dance Educators of America(DEA)-A Fellow Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing(BATD)-A Registered Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD..MEMBERSHIP Expired the end of 1997). In the early days of the Dance Program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Barbara Cook a former RAD examiner, and teaching the program, invited me to sit on the Board which I gladly accepted. On a very regular basis, I spent  much of my non teaching time at workshops and seminars, of the above mentioned organizations.

I can remember teaching at the North Haven Studio a class with Debbie Black, Shanda Comben Aalbers, & Sherry Shamon on the blackboard to the right of the viewing window, the Dance Shorthand "Benish Notation".  Further along myself,  with Debbie and Shanda, attended a workshop with the ADEA . Beryl Davis who had adjudicated a ADEA festival talked of his Tap Shorthand.  The three of us learned the "Davis Method of Tap Shorthand" when the ADEA had booked Mr. Davis for a seminar.

Many memories can pop into one's head regarding teaching children.  The younger pre-school classes often had interesting happenings...Remembering back, a young student had piddled on the floor, and my response was "We'll just move the circle over here".  Those of you that now teach, you will know that such occurrences do happen, but I'm sure you'll agree that such events, although exhausting, can be not only stimulating, but build your character to become a good teacher.  Remember "The Show Must Go On"-------"Good Toes Naughty Toes"--both familiar phrases we used. How about the phrase...Thank you Mr. Gilbert ...and Thank you Miss Wilson and Thank you Mr. Sih.

In the early days of being in the business, I taught for the "Tweedsmuir Girls School" --dances that were displayed and performed at their various events.. This would be while they were still on Elbow Drive and before they amalgamated with Lord Strathcona. ( I can remember having tea with the headmistress Mrs. Witherspoon who I knew from high school.) In the mid to later part of the 1980's we taught at the "Christopher Robin Private School" a Ballet Program, and even entered students for their RAD ballet exams. (I went to kindergarten, at Christopher Robin)  When they moved their location from the dwelling they were operating in, to a Belaire School, we had a gymnasium for the tuition which allowed for a more skillful and imaginative type of training.

Mr. Gilbert shortly before he passed had asked me to teach at his Yearly Summer School.  I found it very interesting looking at his students pictures on the wall, Cher's Daughter Chastity Bono..Annette Funnicello..Bobby Burgess & Cissy King from the Laurence Welk Show..Michael Landon's daughter, and various celebrity photos.  The three rooms were constantly booked and as registration was taking place at the same time as the Summer School, there was a shortage of audition space. Thus I took a class for him and used the Guy's Washroom for the small class.  Again "It Is What It Is"!    The comparison of Hollywood to Calgary in my mind was the hockey player Lanny McDonald showed up with his daughter at an Interschool, and even Gina Sinclair headed for the lobby.

The experiences of meeting Mr. Gilbert in New York and then him coming to Alberta to examine was definitely an excellent career move.  Our Pianist at that time was Jean Helms, who not only played the music for his tap exams (The same music Johnny Fink played on the records ), but also organized various music for the Jazz Syllabus and played for the Gilbert Jazz exams.  Dr. Ruth Carse, Barbara Cook & Don McKinnon who came and did our Mock Ballet Exams, gave us all an insight as to the RAD Ballet exam requirements. It became very obvious: an almost flawless technique was required to reach the goal of a good mark for a RAD Ballet Exam. Jean Helms was an excellent pianist for the Ballet as well, and was often asked to play for other dance schools.You could hear the & a  123.. "POLKA" in her version of helping the young primary students doing it in partners. ( &- A --123_) We were fortunate to have other excellent pianists like Loren Campbell, Beverly Yee and Ken Sih, and who can forget Laura Hong and her solo performances at the Ballet Evening events. Laura also accompanied Lorena Apuzzo at her RAD Solo Seal Exam in Vancouver.

 As most of you know, the Academy closed officially in June of 1997, and I went on to operate "Tumbleweed Outfitters" with my niece Linda Marie McTighe Pap.  The store was a different environment, but as I had always liked fashion and costumes, (we had also included fashion shows in the Academy) it was a neat project. We even did Western Line Dancing in the Store, a few nights a week, and just rolled the clothing racks to the side.  However saying that, the store only was open one year, as it  basically just didn't take off! 

From there, I became the "Special Events Coordinator" for the Hudson's Bay Company, for both the Chinook Store and the Downtown Store.  I planned and worked on the Bay's events, like Baby Week,  Back to School, Bridal Week, Home Week, Safety Week, Cosmetic Galas etc,  including the presentation of models in the current fashions.  I chose to use dancers, including Adults, Teens, Babies, Toddlers and Children for models and felt strongly the statement "Who Could Show Fashions Better Then Dancers". Thank you to all the dance studios for their help in the presentation of the Bay's fashion shows. While working at the Bay, I did their Community Service work, and taught dance at Le Roi Daniels, Colonel Walker and Langevin Schools.  In most cases, at these schools, it was part of their Physical Education Program, or during their lunch hour, Parents and students from these schools also participated in modeling and helping at events, gift wrapping or general volunteer duties that the Hudson's Bay needed.

 Mr. C. and his


So light the candles, get the ice out, roll the rug up...and

Remember to DANCE

Allan with his Pomeranian, Beauregard....

Beau Beau got his angel wings July 29th 2022 and is now in "Doggie Heaven"

Allan --Taken July 7th 2016

Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love) (1).mp3

I remember that a couple of students had told me that the spelling for my name backwards was

Nalla Obbuzzoc!

Sometimes they Called me

Doctor Obbuzzoc


The above phrase will make sense if you know the lyrics to "Wind Beneath My Wings"...the music for the opening slide show.

Allan above in 2006

In 2004 I decided to be semi retired and worked for "Hats Off Management Group" and "Counterpoint Dance Studio".  Hat's Off was a fun job as we organized the "Junior Singing Idol" and various workshops for budding performers....Todd Svecla and Lisa Horvath Svecla were owners of Hats Off Management Group.  At Counterpoint, I worked with some ballet students, and the boys and girls "Partnering Class".  During this time I wrote a few articles for the "Dance Adik" ...a project started by a former student Debra Mudd, and her friend Barbara Moore (Alberta Ballet). These were encouraging jobs, but in September of 2007, I chose to retire and moved to British Columbia to enjoy my hobbies: Container Gardening, Tai Chi, Photography, Computer, My Dog Beau, Movies, TV, The News, and just free time to see what else comes my way! Oh Yes, working on this "Website for the Dance Academy" and working on the "Cozzubbo Family Tree". (The Tree, has a lot of branches and Twigs--I hope to enlarge the twigs to Branches!!)   (Written June of 2010) "Dance Always"!


We hope you enjoyed your tour of the site and that it brought back those "DANCE MEMORIES"!


Live Life, Laugh till you hurt, Embrace your Artistry and-

DANCE till the Morning Sun!

 Other Things to Remember:

The Cakewalk Music is called "At A Georgia Camptown Meeting".  Don't wear a turtleneck to perform unless you want to look like you've NO NECK!!...Roses with long stems are worth More $$$$!  Remember a duet is not a solo done by two people.  It should have some interaction whether it be 2 guys or 2 gals or one of each!  When you do a Battement don't let the back collapse...unless it's part of the choreography. HOLD your back!  Al Gilbert's Tap Dictionary has the various Tap Terminology & he acknowledges Allan Cozzubbo in his extremely large "family" of friends throughout the World of Dance/(along with fellow Canadians Nancy Hays, Don McKinnon, Betty McHardy). Ballet is a formalized kind of performance dance, which originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, and which was further developed in France, England, and Russia as a concert dance form. The etymology of the word "Ballet" is related to the art form's history.