Pictures below are from the June 14th 2015 Dance Reunion of the ACAD Dance Alumni.

Thank you to Lisa Horvath Svecla for the use of her studio, "Premiere Dance Academy" and to Debbie Black and Lysia Smandych for their work in organizing the event.  It was good seeing everyone, and thank you for the awesome reunion!

left to right at the back 4th  Row..Rick Leah Mason's husband, Kathy Helms Wood, Dorothy Shamon Huber, Dru Kolodinsky, William Poon, Joan Gourdinne, Clark Oberholtzer, Betty Hryciw, Reid Friedl (Lisa Martin's son) Hayley Mudd, Carol Ann Schmierer, Marlene Sorensen, Karen O'Neil, Angela Paradis, Kira Greasley, Dawna Rose Crooks ..3rd row...Beatrice Lillian Knox Horvath, Sheri Hryciw Oberholtzer,Debra Mudd, Carol Kolodinsky Larsen, Lisa Martin Friedl, Jean Gourdinne, Kori Shamon, Cheryl Knudsen, Deanne Schmierer, Shirley Nielsen Wayte, Dana O'Neil Birch, Laura Sorenesen, Shirley Doncaster, 2nd row, Antony Behn, Dianne Ranshaw Richards, Helene Skakoon, Allan Cozzubbo, Leah Mason in front of him, Debbie Black, Nancy Lu, Lisa Horvath Svecla, Lisa Richardson, Johathon Thiessen, ...children in the front row...

This was a group photo before Beatrice Horvath arrived...Allan is on the left corner below  Sheri Hryciw, and then moved beside Helene Skakoon, and behind Leah Mason.

This is the group without Beatrice Horvath who arrived later and is in the above picture....Names as above. ..Allan moved to centre beside Helene Skakoon in the he is picture left end of 2nd row beside Antony Behn.

This is a portion of the circle while we traded introductions and passed on current information regarding our time in Dance and current thoughts and where we are today.  It was all interesting hearing how many years have gone by and how long many have been married, and that they are now Dance Moms.....

 Lysia Smandych and Debbie Black


Lisa Horvath Svecla...thank you for your studio space...

Beatrice Lillian Knox Horvath in front...Carol Kolodinsky in striped dress..Clark Oberholtzer leaning the Barre...

 Debbie Black, Leah Mason and leah's husband Rick

 Dianne Ranshaw Richards, Helene Skakoon, Debbie Black

 Kira Greasley, Dana O'Neill Birch, Karen O'Neill

Jean Gourdinne, Debbie Black and Joan Gourdinne

Jean Gourdinne and her Mother Joan Gourdinne

Allan Cozzubbo and Jean Gourdinne

Jean Gourdinne and Debbie Black

Jean Gourdinne and Allan Cozzubbo left...Sheri Hryciw and her husband Clark Oberholtzer right.

Laura Sorensen

Debbie Black, William Poon, Nancy Lu

Nancy Lu, and William Poon

Carol Kolodinsky with her Mother Dru

Carol Kolodinsky Larson, Dru Kolodinsky, Helene Skakoon

Hayley Mudd and her mom Debra Mudd

 Russel Wood, (Kathy Wood's Husband) Olivia Wood, and Sophia Wood (Olivia and Sophia are Diana Helms Wood's Grandchildren..Diana is Jean Helm's Daugher) Jesse James, the young lad is Vanessa Wood's son..Vanessa took Dance and is Kathy and Russel's daughter),

Kathy Helms Wood, and Nancy Lu (Kathy is Jean Helm's daughter..Jean Helms Pianist)

Debbie Black, Nancy Lu, Lisa Marie Richardson Senn..Lisa's children

Lisa Marie Richardson Senn, Dawna Rose Crooks

Shirley Nielsen Wayte

Shirley Doncaster and Allan Cozzubbo

Sydney James, Laura Sorensen's Daughter and Marlene Sorensen, Sydney's Grandmother...Sydney is heavily into Dance at Cinzia's School.

Sheri Hrysiw Oberholtzer, Clark Oberholtzer, Betty Hryciw

Lynn Miller and her son Eric...does Musical theatre

Debbie Black and Allan Cozzubbo

 Lysia Smandych and Allan Cozzubbo

 Deanne Schmierer, Dianne Ranshaw Richards, Debbie Black, and Helene Skakoon

Carol Ann Schmierer, Deanne Schmierer, Dianne Ranshaw Richards.

Helene Skakoon, nice to see her, as it had been 25 to 30 years that we last saw each other...Many were sad they missed her this time..

Lisa Martin Friedl, and her danseur son Ried

 Group Photo...names as abov

Lisa Martin Friedl's son Ried....looking good!

Dorothy Shamon Huber, Kori Shamon

Hayley Mudd

Allan Cozzubbo and Todd Svecla (Lisa Horvath's Husband)

Shirley Doncaster and Johanthon Thiessen

Cheryl Knudsen Jassimine

Antony Marcus Behn, in his model pose!

Antony Marcus Behn, Dean Ozen

Antony M. Behn, Dean Ozen and Allan Cozzubbo

the Danseur in them.!!

More Guy Fun!

Debbie Black and Kira Greasley outside of Premiere Dance Academy.

Mal Smandych, Parker Smandych, Lysia Smandych with young Wesley.

Nancy Lu and Allan at the reunion below...taking a Dance Position pose....lots of fun..

Allan and Nancy Lu

In Dance Position...Nancy and Allan